Box Tops Earnings

Box Tops for Education

Mockingbird Elementary is part of the Box Tops for Education program and we earn money for the school by submitting the Box tops that are available on products such as cereal boxes and other products that we purchase at our grocery stores. Box Tops pays us about 10c/box top. It may not seems like much but in 2011-2012, the school earned $1400 through this program.

Detailed below are ways that we can earn money for the school through this program.

Clip Box Tops

You will find Box tops on many products such as cereal boxes, school supplies etc. Before you recycle your boxes, all you need to do is cut the little coupon and save it for the Box Tops drive that the school does twice a year. The one thing to note is usually at the start of the school year, you will find products offering 2-6 coupons so please make sure that you do save them. Ask your neighbors or relatives who live close by to help as well.

Earn By Shopping Online

Members of Box Tops Online will earn more for our school by earning eBoxTops when shopping online at over 250 participating retailers. Members can also enter for chances to win thousands of Bonus Box Tops each month. There are over 250 retailers and you will find a complete list here.

The list includes retailers list Best Buy, Target, most clothing stores, Toy R Us, Hotels etc.

Most of these companies provide us between 1% and 10% back on the purchases. All you need to do is, before you shop at your online store, you need to sign in to the Box Tops site and then click through to your online store. e.g

  • We recently purchased a TV from Best Buy. I signed into the Box Tops site, made the purchase on the website and did a store pickup. Mockingbird collected 1% of the sale.
  • If you purchased a $2500 trip for the family via, we would get $25.
  • If you purchase flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS, we get 9%, so remember us during birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mothers Day etc.

If we all took the extra step starting our online shopping via these links, it could bring in some good revenue for us.

Click and Earn

Periodically, about once a month, Box Tops will send you an email asking you to watch a video or complete a survey. They will pay each response 10-20c. It all adds up.

How can you help
  1. You can start by registering on the Box Tops Online website by searching for Mockingbird Elementary using our zip code. Before you make an online purchase, see if your retailer is in this program. If so, click through the link and make your purchase that way. Also consider purchasing online and doing a store pickup.

  2. If you do signup online, please complete the surveys and other online opportunities when they show up in your email.

  3. Even if you do not join Box Tops Online, please collect Box Tops and encourage your friends and families to do the same. Our school earns cash for every Box Top collected! While there are some specific dates throughout the year that we focus on collecting, we will accept Box Tops at any time. Keep collecting and sending those Box Tops to the school!
Box Tops for Education, It makes a lot of cents